Lancashire County Council Social Services


What is a CVYS?
(Council for Voluntary Youth Services)
CVYS’s are the only umbrella organisations that bring together the huge range of voluntary youth work undertaken in the United Kingdom today. Approximately 80% of all youth work is currently provided through uniformed, club, church based and smaller special needs groups.

For contact details for CVYS's in other areas of the United Kingdom visit the National Council for Voluntary Youth Services Web Site

Establish partnerships with all involved in supporting work with young people in both the voluntary and statutory sectors
Represent the interests of young people and their changing needs
Meet the needs and aspirations of young people by strengthening and supporting the work of their members
Provide a forum for debate and discussion
Co-ordinate to prevent duplication of efforts
Assist long term development
Improve the effectiveness of organisations in delivering quality youth work
Raise public awareness of the issues that affect young people
Raise public awareness of the work of the voluntary youth sector
Provide and promote positive images of young people
Advocate on behalf of member organisations and young people

What else does the Lancashire Council for Voluntary Youth Services Offer?
Opportunities for members to meet and share good practice
Speakers on topics of relevance to members
Participation in conferences, workshops and seminars
Partnership between local authorities and organisations
Representation on outside bodies and local authorities :-

National Council for Voluntary Youth Services
North West Council for Voluntary Youth Services
National Youth Agency
Regional Youth Services Unit
Sports Council
Lancashire County Council
Lancashire Area West Training and Enterprise Council
Voluntary Sector North West, etc.
Information, consultancy and advice
Support, training opportunities, resources, equipment and publications
Information and advice on obtaining additional funding
Promotion of activities within member organisations
Joint presence on the Internet
Informative monthly newsletter concerning topical issues affecting the voluntary youth sector
Equipment hire, Residential Centres Handbook, etc.