Lancashire County Council Social Services


As one of the greatest statesmen has said; ‘youngsters of today are the leaders of tomorrow’. But, to achieve this every government has an obligation to create a congenial environment for youngsters to shape their future so that they can contribute to the development of the nation. It would also mean; the Society in general and the governments in particular have an obligation to nurture these youngsters in the right direction. To achieve this objective, many of the government agencies as also service organizations will have to work in close coordination amongst themselves. Of course, apart from the governmental agencies many voluntary organizations also work relentlessly to provide better future for the youngsters. One such voluntary organization is Lancashire Council for Voluntary Youth Services, located in Great Britain.

The Lancashire Council Social Services, LCVYS as it is popularly called, has been established to provide support various types of youth services which includes community youth services in Lancashire and surrounding areas of Great Britain. In fact, according to the aims enshrined in the constitution of LCVYS, the main objects of this organization is to work together with other member voluntary organizations and to provide help and also to educate younger generation so as to enable them develop ‘Physically, Mentally and Spiritually’ and thereby paving the way for these youngsters to become mature into responsible members of the Society. This voluntary organization works in close coordination with various other voluntary organizations in the locality. As an umbrella Organization, LCVYS responds to the needs of the younger generation in a positive manner and represents their interest in this fast changing world. This organization creates a forum to debate and discuss various facets of problems facing the youngsters on case to case basis. This enables the organization to positively respond to the aspirations of the youngsters and as also ensure their long term development. The discussion paves the way for creating public awareness on matters affecting the youth and helps various other voluntary organizations to respond to similar issues that may confront them in future. Further, it also helps most of the other voluntary organizations to prevent duplication of works. As a result of all these, it would become possible to build a better image of the younger generation and also advocate for them in other member organizations. Further, this organization does not discriminate people on any ground; be it sex, age, gender, ethnic origin, marital status, believes, orientations and so on. On the other hand, it vehemently combats such discrimination.

In addition to these, LCVYS also organizes conferences, seminars and workshops and invites experts for consultation and also to deliver lectures on relevant topics to discuss and provide their invaluable suggestions on various aspects concerning the youth. Further, LCVYS also works in close coordination with other likeminded organizations by deputing its representatives to work with local bodies and also other organizations. Some of the organizations that are represented by LCVYS are North West Council for Voluntary Youth Services, National Council for Voluntary Youth Services, Lancashire Area West Training and Enterprise Council, Sports Council and National Youth Agency. Further, LCVYS also provides various training facilities for youth so that it helps the youth to get enough hands on experience which goes a long way for building a better future for them. In fact, to achieve this objective, LCVYS hires equipments and other facilities that may be required by the youth. The works of LCVYS are published in the monthly newsletters and also on its website. With so much of activities LCVYS has become a voice of the Voluntary Sector Youth Services of Lancashire.

LCVYS is managed by a committee of Trustees who are elected annually from among the members. Of course, wherever necessary the trustees also have the right to nominate/choose members to the Committee. But, such nomination should be amongst the members of the Organization. The Committee is assisted by a development officer who is charged with the responsibility of implementing the various programs envisage by LCVYS.

The membership of LCVYS is thrown open to any group or organization that has a commitment towards the welfare of children and young people. Such groups or organizations must work in community youth sectors. You can download the application online.

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From the time of its inception, LCVYS has been relentlessly working for the betterment of youth in Lancashire and in its adjoining places. Several hundreds of youth have been benefitted with the support provided by this organization. True to its constitution, LCVYS works in close coordination with various Government agencies as also other likeminded organizations. It may not be out of context to mention that LCVYS has become a prestigious social organization of Lancashire. Visit the website of LCVYS to know more about the activities of this organization.